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Site Policies

1. Restriction of using this webpage: All of the rights regarding the contents listed on this webpage belong to KTX Corporation or are used by KTX Corporation under the approval of the owners of the copyright, etc. We prohibit to use such information (including, but not limited to, duplication, revision, uploading to other websites, posting on website or other media, license, printing, distribution, and sending to unspecified number) without KTX Corporation’s prior approval exceeding the use legally allowed except for the purpose of private use.

2. Link to other websites: KTX Corporation assumes absolutely no responsibility for the contents of the site linked to other websites and any damages caused once you linked to another sites.

3. Link to this website: No procedure is necessary regarding the hypertext link to this webpage, but please link to the home page in general. We refuse the link from the following websites.
(1) Websites that include the content which causes KTX Corporation and other third parties to be abused or damaged financially.

(2) Websites that include the content which causes KTX Corporation’s and other third parties’ intellectual properties such as copyright or right of trademark to be infringed.

4. Disclaimer: KTX Corporation may change, suspend or cancel information on this webpage at any time without prior notice. KTX Corporation assumes no liablity for any damages or loss of any kind that might arise from the use of, misue of, or the inability to use this website and/or the materials or information contained on the website. Every effort is made to provide accurate and complete information on this website, however, KTX Corporation does not warrant any usefulness, accuracy, or safety (occurrence of errors, etc., normal action of each functions, amendment in case of occurrence of problems, and invasion of computer virus and other harmful objects to this website and server) in using such information.